White’s Mag: A Byron Mexican Fiesta!

Hello, my name is Sarah-Jane, owner of Lady Bella Studio & Salon. I have a unique set of skills as a qualified Photographer, Hairdresser and Makeup Artist. This was a passion project to celebrate coming back into full swing from maternity leave. Excited to say it was featured on White’s Magazine recently here

A little about the creative process…

I follow trends in an array of industries including wedding, fashion and interior design. It gives me inspiration and helps identify new trends. I personally love colour and my work is very bright, bold and vibrant. My brides love a bold lip and flowers in their hair. Combining the bold vibrant colours, eclectic decor and fun quirky details of a Mexican Fiesta our neon styled shoot came to life amongst the tropical palm tree oasis at The Secret Garden in Byron Bay. 

A Mexican theme was a perfect mix of trend setting to inspire our brides and an opportunity to push the boundaries and showcase our collective skills and style. 

Byron Bay is one of the most popular wedding destinations in Australia! Majority of our clients are destination brides with guests travelling Internationally and Interstate. Which means our weddings are massive parties as everyone is on holidays - a fiesta of love! 

One of the many highlights of being a wedding vendor in Byron Bay is the quality of creative vendors. Byron Bay is an innovative hub for creative Entrepreneurs. This means I am privy to dynamic new businesses. I was introduced to Neon Republic and the Mobile Barbershop! The neon signage is a new product in Australia. Typically used as venue styling for guest photos. However… as soon as I saw the designs I knew I wanted to play and introduce it as an arbour! It looked AMAZING. Lugis Mobile Barber Shop is owned by ‘Wood & Beau’ who are famous for their wooden bow ties. In the past Groomsmen have been forgotten about on the morning of their big day. Men are taking better care of themselves and enjoy the finer things. This is an opportunity for Groom’s, Groomsmen, Fathers and alike to have an ‘experience’. Something memorable. They can be pampered for once!

Once I put forth the concept of A Byron Mexican Fiesta! all the other vendors jumped on board. We do so many ‘boho weddings’, it was an exciting, new project. We all knew we were onto something unique. 

We are big supporter’s of woman and parents in business. We shot on a Monday and it was a long day. This meant a lot of us had to bring our kids. It was a warm and supportive environment. We shut the gates and let the kids play together… in true Byron spirit! 

The energy was infectious! Everyone was really excited to be collaborating together. We had spent many hours on Facebook group chat’s sharing idea’s and piece’s we were going to bring. On the day everyone was walking around saying ‘Ooooh’ and ‘Ahhhh’. There were details to explore at every corner from pineapples on the table, cabbage flower in the headpiece, hand painted invitations & leaf place cards, layers of lace in the gown, sugar coasted Margarita’s to the Groom’s socks and the Bride’s adorned anklets! 

Modern success is collaboration not competition. I think the best part of the day was watching everyone shine, supporting one another with positivity and sharing our passion with our children! 

We hope our fiesta was inspiring and make’s you smile.


Photographer, Hair + Make Up: Lady Bella - Studio & Salon
Venue Secret Garden Byron Bay

Videographers Yellowbull Weddings
Dress Jennifer Gifford Designs
Florist Flowers By Lynda
Caravan @myvintagelane 
Styling Bliss & Willow // @theonedayhouse_rentals
Celebrant Benjamin Carlyle 
Mobile Barber Luigi & Sons Mobile Barber Shop
Mens Accessories - Wood & Beau
Stationary Poppy Ridsdill
Neon Arbour Signage Neon Republic
Bridal Jewels Forever Soles
Female Model Hayley Joan Montano
Male Model Jared Franzen

Elopement | Tim & Gaby - Byron Bay

Tim & Gaby has a spring elopement in the Byron Bay hills of Newrybar at Harvest. The ceremony was held in the gardens and an intimate reception in the historic bakery showered in floral artistry. It was intimate and full of emotion - you know it’s a beautiful energy when the celebrant and photographer are crying!  

Tell me a little bit about your love story?

We met several years ago - Tim was dressed in a bad blue safari suit and I was covered in leopard spots (costume party). We did the long-distance thing for a couple of years, before I moved to Byron Bay (from Melbourne). We feel freakishly lucky to have found each other.

We want to get to know YOU! Tell me about your hobbies, lifestyle, jobs, kids etc?

Both of us have backgrounds in sustainability and organisational development. Tim works in sustainable forestry, and I am a coach and facilitator. We also run an online business teaching the principles of living systems self-organisation (based on the patterns in nature). Tim has two daughters aged 13 and 10 who live in Byron. When we are not in Suffolk Park, we are out at our off-grid farm near the Border Ranges, trying to keep the pythons out of our shack and the wallabies out of our veggie garden :-)

Credit List:
Photography - Lady Bella Studio & Salon / @lady_bella_australia 
Venue - Harvery Newrybar (Byron Bay Hinterland)
Celebrant - @skaiceremonies
Flowers - @wildwood.flowers
Hair & Makeup - Mud Honey Salon 

Behind The Scenes | Commercial Launch!

It’s been a busy 2017 whilst on ‘Maternity leave’ and I thought I better update the Lady Bella blog!

Cut a long story short we officially launched our commercial division Bella Creative Agency! I started my career in business and marketing. Over the years I developed my creative skills which lead me to Lady Bella. I was splitting my time doing TWO things I love: Weddings & Business

Lady Bella website is branded for our beautiful brides. I needed a space to showcase our business, marketing and production services. So here it is… years of blood, sweat and tears coming to fruition:

BCA is a boutique Northern Rivers and Tweed Shire creative agency specialising in Production, Business & Marketing. We deliver innovative ideas which gain meaningful outcomes with straightforward pricing.

Our blog Behind The Business is a platform to highlight local women in business and discuss their triumphs and tribulations,  open discussions on how we as business owners can better our workplaces for working parents and plenty of useful articles.

Join us for Tweed Bella’s  styled luncheons for millennial entrepreneurs. A styled space ready to share on social media with workshops and open table business mentoring sessions. A space for local creatives to network in a modern way.

We value a lifestyle business, cafe meetings and brainstorming sessions on the beach.”


It has been well received and we are excited to be booked with local, creative brands until Christmas. It has given me a platform to be a voice for Women in business and working Mothers. You can read more about it on the BCA blog. 

Oh…. and I also won a sneaky award recently at Business Excellence Awards in Tweed Shire for 2017 Young Entrepreneur! You can stay up to date on Instagram @lady_bella_australia of Facebook /LadyBellaAustralia

Farewell for now… I shall head back to my cave and finish editing this seasons weddings :) 

xox Sarah-Jane 

Wedding | Jordan & Jen {ELEMENTS / BYRON BAY} - Elopement

Jennifer contacted me from Canada! They were pregnant and eloping to Byron Bay, Australia - how fun! We did all our consultations via Whatsapp and email. Another bride who I met on her wedding day! Jennifer was mostly a DIY bride and credit to her for organising everything from overseas. She put the effort into those small little touches that made the day very personal. 

Elements Resort in Byron Bay is the newest resort nestled beside Main beach and on Belongil Beach. Belongil beach has been a favourite of ours for many years shooting fashion campaigns - not so secret now ;P The ceremony location is up high under a Pandanus tree with picturesque views of the Byron Bay Lighthouse. It really was the perfect “Aussie Beach” backdrop they were looking for. 

Jennifer chose our Photography, Hair & Makeup Elopement Package which made life stress-free planning an elopement easy. I had support from my senior hair stylist Jacqui and together we chit-chatted about babies and eloping overseas! As mother’s ourselves we obviously love pregnant brides - we ‘get it’ and know how to make them comfortable and confident. 

April is a tricky time of year for Byron Bay weddings. It is peak season and Byron is pumping with school holiday, Easter, Bluesfest and the Byron Writers Festival! Oh and the weather is hit or miss. Some years is pouring ALL month and other years it’s blue skies and sunshine. Jennifer & Jordan’s day turned out to be a cracker even thought the weather forecast wasn’t positive. Byron has a way putting on a show for people’s ceremonies… before it buckets down in the evening ;P Mother nature is definitely on the wedding vendors side. 

Elements is a high end resort with all the bells and whistles. They staff are really accommodating. Ushering everyone down on golf buggies, in constant contact on walkie-talkies and providing trays of cold drinks throughout the time spent at the ceremony. Beach ceremonies are all fun until you are standing outside on a blistering day dying of thirst! You want everyone to be present and not focusing on how quickly they can escape for a cold beer. 

As it was an elopement package we didn’t have the opportunity for sunset shots which as photographer we LOVE (ie: Golden Light).  I used my local knowledge and within 25mins we captured portraits on the beach, railway tracks and windy road with both cars from MySportsCar Byron Bay. Gotta love a Kombi van and 65 Lincoln!

Congratulations to Jordan, Jennifer, Jordan Jnr and Baby xxx


View another Lady Bella byron bay elopement here.


Photography - Lady Bella 

Hair & Makeup - Lady Bella

Cars - David @  Mysportscar, Byron Bay

Flowers - Estelle @ The French Petal, Byron Bay

Catering - Allroundcatering, Byron Bay

Ceremony - Elements of Byron, Resort

Wedding | Cindy & Luke {KINGSCLIFF / BABALOU}

I would say 80% of our bridal clients are travelling Internationally or Interstate to wed. This often means we have to be creative throughout the process with Skype/Whatsapp call’s and lot’s of emails! I try to complete a photography consultation alongside a hair & makeup trial when our clients arrive for their wedding, often the week OF their wedding. Obviously there is a lot of trust between all parties. We are use to this process but not every bride can handle this. Well… Cindy could! I literally met her ON her wedding day! This is always fun trying to pick the bride when you first walk in - hehe. I did cheat and ask for photo’s of Cindy & Luke prior so I had an idea. Cindy and her maids were chilaxed and ready to party! I wasn’t a ‘fly on the wall’ by an means… I was laughing the entire time with the girls. When going through all the images delivered there definitely were more laughing shots than anything else. A pretty good representation of the day itself. 

It was a pretty iconic Kingscliff wedding. Everyone got ready at Mantra on Salt Beach, Kingscliff. Ceremony at Hastings Point and reception at Babalou, Kingscliff Hotel. The weather forecast was TERRIBLE. Thunderstorms and floods. Oh the joys. Lucky for us (AGAIN?? Thank you Mother Nature!) the day turned out better than perfect. Blue skies and warm sunshine. I was really happy they got their dream ceremony outside. 

The thunderstorms did hit after the creative location shots. I did some research prior and found these amazing paper bark tree’s that recently had been burnt. Giving a harsh contrast against the beauty of a bride. The storm held off until literally 2mins after we drove off - I couldn’t see 2ft in front of my car! One side of the highway was black and they other bright blue! Pretty cool. 

Cindy’s dress itself was iconic. Exploding Gold Coast designer ”Made with Love” bridal gown, Frankie. The spilt was everything! Perfect gown to float and dance the night away. 

Congratulations Cindy & Luke! 

Thank you again for choosing Lady Bella - Photography, Hair & Makeup Wedding Package

A Maldives Elopement… Travel Blog from a Wedding Photographer (and Mother!)

I was 8months pregnant and just won ‘Business Excellence Award in Personal Services’ for the Tweed Shire. I was technically on bed rest but still working everyday from home.

I received an email asking if I would be interested in travelling to the Maldives to shoot an elopement.

* Insert eye roll *

I assumed it was one of those annoying spam emails we all get from Gumtree ads. You know the ones… I work at sea so I can’t call… if I pay you can you transfer the money and pay X person… or if I send you money can you buy X products and post it to X address (overseas). Basically, money laundering. If you have ever advertised on Gumtree I’m sure you have received these.

I responded professionally and didn’t give it a second thought.

I received a response back immediately. Back and forth. Each time waiting for the ‘catch’. Then we spoke on the phone.

Whoops! I think this is a REAL CLIENT. A real once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capture a secret elopement in the Maldives. 

She found me from a Google search and was very motivated to have me be a part of her epic elopement! You see, I am a photographer, hair and makeup artist. It’s a unique set of skills that makes me the perfect personal for elopements.

We got along like a house on fire! I liked her style. She knew what she wanted and was a go-getter. I could tell she wasn’t going to take no for an answer - thats how I roll too ;P

I quickly calculated how old my baby with be. 5 months. Oh dear. Now I’m full term ready to pop any day so my hormones are making me go into ‘protective mode’ not ‘fearless entrepreneur’ mode which is my normal thermostat. My anxiety plays out every negative scenario. I google my heart out… I find a few potential issues around travel with a new baby. The big one was immunisation and yellow fever!

Then there was the practical part of travelling. I hate planes and fast jet boats. I am an independent woman… until I have to travel. I had successfully breastfed my first child for 1 year so I was confident I would be BFing this one. I was a little anxious about the thought of travelling on plane and jet boat in a foreign country, on my own with a baby and all my equipment! I like to pride myself on juggling business and babies rather well but this was going to test my limits. 

I did what any other person would do - make my partner take a week off work to hold my hand ;) He didn’t exactly put much of a fight up - it WAS the Maldives!

Then I chickened out a hundred times finding excuses. I was in ‘Mummy’ mode. It was my partner who reminded me I was fearless! A warrior who can do this and would regret it if I didn’t. I needed that reassurance. If I wasn’t about to pop I would have said YES without another thought.

I had been in early labour (contractions every 10mins) all weekend and found myself literally crawling along the couch to my home office to finalize the booking with Flight Centre! In every email to the client I said “if I suddenly stop replying I’ve had the baby and will be in touch in a few weeks”

The Maldive’s is in the middle of the Indian Ocean. A tropical location prone to Monsoons. We travel in February as it’s the driest month of the year. As we were only there for 5 nights we decided to make the elopement date ‘flexible’ - aiming for the second day.

I did loads of research online debating wether we aim for sunrise or sunset. The sunsets on YouTube looked insane! Red sun glimmering off turquoise sea. The sky lit up with purple, pink and yellow hues. The sunrise looked luckluster. Flat and cloudy. We decided on a crisp blue ceremony on a sand dune off their Island, popular spot for divers and a sunset photo shoot. 

We flew from Brisbane to Singapore (5hr wait) then Singapore to the capital Male and 45min jetboat to our Island Makunudu. All up, 24 hours of travelling with a 5month old.

We got the basinet seats on each flight. The first leg was great we had a spare seat next to us. I’m only 5”2 so two seats allows me to lie down and sleep. Every other journey it was a full house and we were woken by everyone else’s toddler’s! We didn’t realise every time the seatbelt sign comes on you have to wake the baby and strap them in on your lap. Completely defeating the purpose! Graham held Isabella to sleep on his lap while we used the basinet as storage and enjoyed the extra leg room ;)

Isabella was a dream traveller. I took our Ergo baby carrier. I used this at each airport, the Island and when on the jet boats. I was pretty nervous when we landed as it was nearly midnight and we were about to get on a jet boat in the pitch dark! Apparently the guy told Graham the boat had broken down that day and this was a replacement - glad they kept that to themselves!!! Isabella strapped to me, I’m holding on for dear life, we are travelling 60K/phr it feels like we ‘drop’ 3m every wave with a loud thump and everything goes flying. Bella… slept through it all.

We arrive and greeted by 5+ resort staff who instantly take Isabella and start playing with her. I instantly feel my shoulders relax as I feel the cool salty breeze through my hair. I’m handed a drink. Yes, please.

The resorts include all food and drinks. They have set times for meals. As we arrived at midnight we missed dinner but they had dinner in our room waiting for us. Our room was massive, the bed was enormous and we had a cot for Bella. We jumped into the outdoor shower and prayed Bella would sleep!

We slept for 2 hours before Bella’s body clock said GOOD MORNING!!! It was just before sunrise in the Maldives (6.30am). We took the opportunity to walk out our front steps onto the coral crush white ‘sand’ and watch the sunrise. I wasn’t expecting much from my research online. Boy was I wrong!

We tested the ocean and it was like a warm bath. Crystal clear you could see the fishes beneath you. We stripped Bella off naked and all jumped it. Right in front of us was the most unbelievable sunrise. BRIGHT RED SUN. The sky turned pink and faded up to the a rich blue. The sun ray’s danced across the still ocean. We looked at each other and I could have cried. It was single handily one of the most incredible moments of my life. We both looked at each other and then felt a heavy heart as we were only missing our other daughter Sophia who was at school. The natural endorphines from such beauty was overwhelming.

What did I do next? Whatsapp the client to organise a sunrise wedding! She originally wanted one and I couldn’t believe no one was talking about these sunrise’s online!

Hope you enjoy some shots from the trip xxx 


Sunflower Fields { WARICK QLD }

My family and I did a little road trip last week to see the sunflower fields in Warwick, Queensland! It was a long day travelling with two kids + a storm + being disheartened when all we could find were DEAD sunflowers… thennnnn… we found some! Hooray! A storm rolling in and being covered with flies it was definitely worth every second - put it on your bucket list! How could you not be H A P P Y with so much natural beauty around you (or hanging over you because you are only 5ft haha). M A G I C. 

WEDDING | Georgina & David { BYRON BAY }

Georgina our lovely bride was actually a bridesmaid for one of our brides 2 years ago! I had already done her makeup once, so need for a trial, right ;P A balmy December summer wedding at the stunning Byron View Farm. Set in the Byron Bay hinterlands with sweeping coastal views and the Byron Lighthouse perfectly positioned behind the palm tree ceremony decor!

It was the first wedding I had shot since having my #2 Bambino and I couldn’t wait to get back behind the lens and on the tools! With Jacqui (Lady Bella Hair Stylist) and Emily (Lady Bella 2nd Photographer) by my side we had a wonderful day doing what we do best. 

Byron Bay Weddings co-ordinated the love affair. With seamless scheduling and experienced staff… it’s always a stress-free day when they are involved. 

With such a stunning venue you don’t need a lot of ‘extras’. Simple palm trees framed the view for the ceremony by Michelle Shannon Celebrant.

It’s not a Byron Bay Wedding without the MAGIC BUS right!? Always a fun way to start a wedding and get guests excited. Plenty of Instagram photo ops!

Georgina and David opted for outdoor dining and our Australian summer sunset did not disappoint! Nothing like dance under the moonlight. 

A wonderful day with friends and family. Lots of laughter and hugs. Exactly how your wedding should feel - HAPPY!


Testimonial from the Bride

“Hey Sarah-Jane,

I just wanted to email a quick thank you to yourself, Jackie and Emily. 

You made my day so easy and fantastic! The girls and I completely loved our hair and make up - it was perfect! I can not wait to see our photos. Thank you also for making the photography such an easy and painless process!! Thank you also for taking time away from your beautiful daughter to do our wedding, I appreciate you making that sacrifice.

I would recommend Lady Bella in a heart beat! Your talent is amazing!!!! And you made us all feel so comfortable and at ease. 

Thanks again, Georgina”

and once viewed the images….

” These already are amazing!!! I honestly can not thank you enough for your amazing work!!! I would recommend you to everyone in a heart beat your incredible xxxx ”


Photography, Hair & Makeup - Lady Bella

Venue - Byron View Farm

Co-ordination - Byron Bay Weddings

Catering - Fig tree

Dress - Luv Bridal

Flowers - Alstonville Florist

Rings - Xennox Diamond

Bus - Magic Bus

Limo - Byron Bay Limousines 

Celebrant - Byron Bay Celebrant (Michelle Shannon)

Model Portfolio Photography { BYRON BAY }

Can you believe Gracie is only 14! She has upgraded from child model to teenage model. She was holidaying in Byron Bay and Mum wanted an industry professional to guide Gracie (age appropriate). Photo shoot’s in Byron Bay on sunset make for beautiful hue’s. The perfect place to practice modelling. 

Photography, Hair & Makeup - @lady_bella_australia / www.ladybellaphotography.com.au 

Elopement Photography | Kelly & Hayden { BYRON BAY }

Kelly & Hayden eloped to Byron Bay from New Zealand in Sept. They chose Lady Bella’s infamous Photography, Hair & Makeup Package. Dripped in flowers from head to toe Kelly was an on-trend bride sporting a flower crown, smokey eyes (made her green eyes POP), personally designed boho wedding dress and classic Kombi for photo opt! They chose to wed at Lighthouse Byron Bay with their two boys and a small group of closet loved ones. It was all about family! 

And…REGIONALS 2016 WINNER! | Business Excellence Awards

 Business & Babies 

What an incredible honour to be standing next to the Regions winning businesses from each shire… and then to WIN our category “Business Excellence in Personal Services”!!! 

‘They’ tell women we can’t have a successful career AND be a good Mother at the same time… well… I’m proof you CAN have it all!

> Yes that’s a 3wk old (and 6 year old at home) and yes I’m wearing my maternity dress cause nothing fits my BF boobies  Lol

I’ll be using this opportunity to Vlog in the coming weeks about our journey, what it’s like to be a woman in business, the highs & lows of juggling it with motherhood and what we as a business community can do to better our workplaces for mothers (at all stages)…. because we need to start LOCAL to make a GLOBAL impact!

#GirlBoss #nswbcawards #beatsawards

Big Thankyouuuuu to NSW Regional & Tweed Shire Business Awards, Our wonderful clients, our supportive families, our friends and to all those in the community who have taken the time to congratulate us!

Special congratulations to business of the YEAR @stoneandwood and Entrepreneur of the year @ic_signs !!!

Love Sarah-Jane & Lady Bella Team xxx 

2016 WINNER! | Business Excellence Awards { TWEED SHIRE}

<3 The weekend marked two big milestones: Officially on maternity leave (8mths!) and Lady Bella WINNING 2016 Excellence in Personal Services at the Business Excellence Awards Tweed Shire!!!! <3

Not surprising I was too busy talking on stage and was in complete shock when I realised I had won!!! I am still overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude!

Being self-employed is a Thankless job, no matter the industry. Often isolated with your fair share of self doubt. My family puts up with my excessive late nights, working EVERY weekend, long weekend, holiday period and my 6 year old even rocks 4am call times…. all to support my dream <3 I need to firstly Thank my partner Graham, daughter Sophia and Mother Loretta … without them I couldn’t invest the time (and money - sorry! lol) needed to improve year after year…

Most importantly I want to Thank all of my clients & their families over the past 6 years but especially this past year!!!!!!!!! The pure JOY & LOVE I get to experience at weddings is an honour to be a part of! I was constantly overwhelmed with the amount of joy, love & consideration everyone showed me whilst being pregnant and working long hours. It gives me HOPE that society is changing and SUPPORTING working mothers <3 Again, Thank you.

I am often asked HOW… This last year was INTENSE, even for me! Studying, Business, Parent and CREATING NEW LIFE for most of it - I think the last one is the most impressive ;P Receiving the recognition from a blind-board, against such prestige local businesses THIS YEAR… was extra special <3 

Back to HOW… It’s simple… let go of the FEAR. When my feet dangle over the edge… I take a few steps back, close my eyes and JUMP into the deep in! 

What is the worse thing that could happen??? 
Someone says no. Big whoop. Dust yourself off and try again. 

Don’t listen to the NAY-SAYERS… better yet don’t ENGAGE with them. Surround yourself with positive role models. People with PASSION & FIRE. People who are HAPPY for your SUCCESS. 

Don’t EVER be embarrassed to give something a go :) 

The best part of it all was when I got home and my daughter was SO excited screaming “I KNEW YOU WOULD WIN! IM SO PROUD OF YOU MUMMY!” 

<3 I would like to congratulate all of the finalists and winners - another spectacular event <3 #beatstweed

xxx With Love, Sarah-Jane



Business of the Year - Varela & Swift Pharmacy
Employer of Choice - Varela and Swift Pharmacy
People’s Choice - Varela & Swift Pharmacy
Creative Industries - Fun Time Performers
Accessibility and Inclusion - Billabong Swim School
Community and Social Services - Tweed Valley Masonic Welfare Association Inc
Dining - Mavis’s Kitchen and Cabin’s @ Mt Warning
Personal Services - Lady Bella
Professional Services - Southern Cross Credit Union
Retail - Chozen Surf Skate Moto-x
Trade, Construction and Manufacturing - IC Signs
Visitor Experience - Mount Warning Tours
Small Business (less than 20 employees) - Tabatinga Tweed Heads
Aged Care & Wellbeing - Laurence Irvine Chiropractic
Business Leader - Ecomist/McAquatech Enterprises
Young Entrepreneur - IC Signs
Sustainability - Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa

Styled Bridal Shoot | Part 2 - { BYRON BAY HINTERLANDS }

When I had the opportunity to collaborate with ‘Wild Awake - Baskets’ I had the vision immediately and knew exactly what I wanted to create! I called upon my extremely talented florist ‘Flowers by Lynda’ - Gold Coast to create the masterpiece. You will see her work across Lady Bella portfolio. She needs little direction and OFF she goes creating breathtaking installations. Lynda spend 3+ hours inside these gorgeous woven baskets!

I need to explain just how difficult this is… these baskets are so much fun to SWING across a running lake in the Byron Bay Hinterlands. BUT when you need to stand still to install buckets of flowers individually its rather difficult… good work out for the ABS ;P We were all patiently waiting on the river bank sliding down mud giggling at Lynda swinging around in circles… the end result was totally worth it! 

The baskets themselves are breathtaking. The material has been foraged in the rainforest and hand woven by Ana from ‘Wild Awake’. A true test of nature, patience and creativity. Often found at festivals across the country with buckets of people swinging, laughing and connecting. 

I choose a gorgeous gown from local designer ‘Satya James Designs’ which complimented the romantic, boho hair and makeup I did.

Hope you enjoy the images as much as we enjoyed creating them! xxx

Photography, Hair & Makeup - Lady Bella
Floristry - Flowers by Lynda 
Baskets - Wild Awake
Bridal Gown - Satya James Boutique
Models - Korey Williams & Shaleigh Bronsveld

Wedding | Gus & Ash { BYRON BAY }

One of the most rewarding times in my career are when I get to use my set of skills to bring joy to a FRIENDS Wedding! I have known the Groom for many years and I was thrilled when I got the call to capture his love story with the free-spirit gypsy soul, Ash :) Ash definitely does things HER way! Wearing sold out Spell and the Gypsy Collective boho bridal gown, barefoot adorned with jewelled anklet, flower crown and my favourite accessory… GLITTER on her back tattoo! Another talented friend and artist surprised them with a giant dream catcher with amethyst crystal for the arbour… it had a lot of other details that had sentimental meaning to the newly weds. Gus stood by his son’s all looking very handsome surrounded by an intimate guest list, many who travelled from England. Out of everyone I think the dogs had the best day though! haha. They finished of the evening with a ‘silent disco’ with the perfect festival hat which was hand-made by another talented guest! 

Enjoy a collection of imagery from the day xxx

Photography & Hair - Lady Bella
Venue - Pavillions @ Broken Head (Byron Bay) 
Gown - Spell Bridal Collection 

Wedding | Zack & Stephanie { BYRON BAY }

We were honoured to offer our popular “One-Stop-Shop” wedding package to Steph & Zack - Photography, Hair and Makeup! At one of Byron Bay’s luxury venues Victoria’s @ Ewingsdale.

Always a bit nerve racking doing makeup in the suites as they are ALL WHITE! haha. Stephanie chose a timeless and elegant look for her Bridesmaids with side swept hair and red lips. “The White Waratah” travelled from the Sunshine Coast to deliver exceptional floristry talent! Every piece on the table was unique and breathtaking… I was blown away! 

The morning was relaxed and fun… the ceremony was emotional filled with a lot of love. My favourite part of the ceremony was when Celebrant Skai does a ‘rose ceremony’ towards the parents - everyone was in tears! Skai is full of love herself… the type of woman you just want to hug! Every ceremony we have worked together on has been thought out and unique to the clients.  As always Byron Bay Weddings excelled with all their staff executing flawless co-ordinating! 

My favourite part of the day is when the bridal party gathers their gourmet picnic basket and champas and heads to a stunning location for photos! We had fun hanging out and capturing moments of laughter and love.

The day was complete with one of Byron Bay’s Autumn pink sunsets :) 

Hope you enjoy a taste of the collection of imagery from the day xxx


Photography, Hair and Makeup Lady Bella
Venue Victoria’s At Ewingsdale
Florist The White Waratah
Style Hire The Wedding Shed
Celebrant Skai Ceremonies. Byron Bay Celebrant.
Co-Ordinator Byron Bay Weddings
Cake Let Them Eat Cake
Musician @Joshua Lovegrove

Wedding | Katrina & Steven { BYRON BAY }

The light was perfect for Katrina & Stevens Ewingsdale Hall ceremony with a sunset beach shoot with the family! Enjoy the highlights x 

Photography, Hair & Makeup Lady Bella / Byron Hair by Ron
Catering Prestidge Catering Pty Ltd
Celebrant @Tania Thomson celebrant 
Kombi Coast 58
Flower Crowns Gypsy&Bloom
Bouquets Gold Coast Florist
Cake There Must Be Cake

Wedding | Grace & Josh { BYRON BAY }

One of my favourite wedding locations at Horizons with uninterrupted views of Byron Bay! The weather was not looking promising as it rained all morning but the heavens opened for the ceremony! I loved the stormy clouds but we could have done without the wind ;P Byron Bay Weddings co-ordinated the event and as always it was simply gorgeous. Grace was an elegant beauty… she had that Grace Kelly vibe! Enjoy some of the highlights x

Photography, Hair and Makeup Lady Bella
Co-Ordination Byron Bay Weddings
Location Horizons Byron Bay
Celebrant @jacqui paterson 
Flowers Beautiflora
Cake Reimcakes

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